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Foods to Help with Morning Sickness

Foods to Help with Morning Sickness

Whether it's in the morning or all day long, nausea is never fun.

Eating specific foods is one of many ways you can manage your morning sickness.

Eat up buttercup! Carbs that is. Carbohydrates found in bread, soda crackers, and saltines help to combat nausea. 
Veteran moms suggest keeping some crackers on standby next to your bed and munching on a few before you ever get up. 

Having a meal hardly sounds appetizing, but nausea only worsens on an empty stomach. Try eating frequent, small meals that are full of vitamins and nutrients.

Drink some ginger. Often used as a natural remedy for upset stomachs, ginger can be hard to take on it's own. Found in drinks like ginger ale and hot ginger tea, ginger can help soothe bumpy bellies. 

h2o and lot's of it! Staying hydrated throughout your pregnancy is important, even more so if you're throwing up or nauseous. Try adding fresh lemon or lime to help flavor it. 
Tired of water? Gatorade and sports drinks are fine too. They help to replenish electrolytes and potassium lost to vomiting.

Hopefully these remedies will help ease your tummy troubles. Hold on to hope knowing that most women experience morning sickness only in their first trimester!

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