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Pregnancy Week 23

Pregnancy Week 23

Your body:

Your mood swings are probably on overdrive. Try to keep yourself relaxed. Keep exercising, stay informed about your pregnancy, and take lots of deep breaths! Braxton Hicks contractions may begin to show up around week 23. These are “practice contractions” for the big day!

Your baby:

Baby’s sweet face is fully formed! Can you believe that in a few short weeks you will be staring into that beautiful face? You are so close mama! Along with a perfect face, baby is also forming nipples and listening to your voice and the outside world. Everyday things like a car horn, vacuum, and even a dog barking, won’t bother baby outside of the womb since he’s grown use to hearing it inside the womb. Encourage your partner to also speak to baby regularly as a bonding experience. Your child is almost a foot in length and now weighing anywhere from 13-20 ounces.


Consider thinking about donating or storing your child’s cord blood
Eat a healthy, balanced diet
Open a savings account for baby

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