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Pregnancy Week 24

Pregnancy Week 24

Your body:

At this point in your pregnancy your doctor will likely be screening you for gestational diabetes. This is a simple Glucose Tolerance Test that will be used to see how your body processes sugar. Your doctor will have you drink a sweet drink called Glucola. After an hour of drinking this gatorade like concoction, your blood will then be drawn to see how effectively your body processed sugars. Along with the glucose test, at week 24 you’ll notice your belly becoming even bigger! Continue slathering on a Belly Butter that is pregnancy safe. Make sure you are drinking plenty of water to ward off any leg cramps, and continue sitting with your legs propped up whenever possible to help with swelling feet and ankles.

Your baby:

The closer your due date is, the more your developing baby is ready to survive outside the world! With developing lungs forming branches which will produce surfactant when the lungs mature, baby is getting ready for her entry into the world. Growing with every passing day, your little one is almost a pound and a half now and measuring anywhere from 10.5-11.8 inches long!


Take your glucose test
Schedule your prenatal visit
Test your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors

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