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Promise Prenatal was founded on strong
moral principles and is dedicated to fulfilling its
social responsibility.
It is our desire to not only serve our customer by
providing a quality product at an affordable price,
but to also be a part of healthy pregnancies in parts
of the world where healthcare and nutrition are
second-rate. You can be a part of this mission.
All it takes is your order.

For every bottle of Promise Prenatal that you
purchase, we will send a a bottle to a woman in
need. It’s that simple! One for One!
There are many opportunities for us to help all over
the world and you make it possible.

For many third world countries, proper nutrition can make drastic differences in pregnancy outcomes.
Many countries in Africa have an infant mortality rate of over 100 deaths per 1000 births. This rate is
only 5.4 in the United States.
Malnutrition, poor sanitation and diet deficiencies contribute to this high mortality rate. By supplying
pregnant women with prenatal nutrition we can help save the lives of children. We are partnering with organizations who help women in an ever-growing number of countries to distribute free prenatal vitamins.

Other causes we support

Here at Promise Prenatal, we are passionate about giving back, both to the community and the
world at large. We feel particularly connected to issues that affect women and young girls and
feel it’s important to support organizations that impact those most at risk.
One phenomenal organization we’d like to highlight is Seeds of Hope.
Seeds of Hope works with victims of sex trafficking in Costa Rica, providing educational and
financial assistance as they steer these young women in the direction of hope for a better future.
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