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The Perfect Nutrients for your Third Trimester and Lactation

Promise Prenatal – Stage Three Unique Advantages:

With Promise Stages, your baby gets optimal nutrition at the optimal time Increased overall vitamin and minerals for your baby’s increasing nutritional needs.Ideal formulation of 22 essential vitamins and minerals.Addition of choline to encourage fetal brain function.

Stage 3 – The Third Trimester and Lactation. Designed to supplement the nutritional needs of you and your baby during your third trimester of your pregnancy to the end of lactation (Weeks 28 – End of Lactation).

Uniquely formulated to meet the specific needs of your third trimester and lactation.The third trimester of your pregnancy is undoubtedly one of the most exciting. Your baby will be here before you know it! Just as your first and second trimesters required unique and specific nutrients, so does your third. Promise Stages – Stage Three is designed to give your baby what he needs in this last trimester and on into the lactation period. The latest RDA recommendations for third trimester pregnancy and lactation are met in Stage Three, with overall increases in most of the vitamins seen in previous stages. Choline has also been added to Stage Three to assist in the optimal brain development of your baby. Promise Stages – Stage Three meets all the recommendations for the health of you and your baby during the important time of your third trimester and into lactation.
Kerrie K.
Mother of one
Buffalo, NY
“I want to thank you for creating such wonderful products. We tried to get pregnant for 4 and a half years. We had tried everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, aside from IVF. I know that part of the reason we ended up successful was because of your vitamins. Our gorgeous, healthy baby boy is now 5.5 months old, and growing like a WEED! He’s so tall, wearing 18 month old clothes! People joke and ask what he’s eating. Breastmilk! Is it these wonderful vitamins that help create my “super” milk? I like to think so!.”


Specific Benefits of Stage Three

No Large Pills or Multiple Doses

21 vitamins and minerals in only one small capsule per day

Meets Vitamin A Recommendation

The recommended dose of 4290 IU helps maintain Vitamin A levels in breast milk for your baby and may also directly benefit the mother’s health

Extra Calcium to Help Prevent Depletion of Maternal Bone Deposits

Extra calcium helps to prevent the depletion of maternal bone deposits after pregnancy. Calcium is required for the production of milk.

Increased Zinc & Vitamin B6 Levels

Zinc can boost immunities needed after pregnancy for a healthy baby and mom

Designed to be taken with Promise DHA Omega-3

Sufficient levels of DHA have been proven beneficial and are associated with increased infant attention spans