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The ideal nutrition for your second trimester

During your second trimester, getting the optimum balance of vitamins and minerals is critical for the growth of your baby’s bones, collagen, and connective tissues. With extra iron to prevent anemia, the small daily capsule in Stage Two is the only prenatal vitamin that is specifically formulated with everything that you and your baby need during this period of extraordinary growth.
With Promise Stages, your baby gets optimal nutrition at the optimal time.Increased Iron, Vitamin C, Calcium and Magnesium to aid in your baby’s second-trimester development.Ideal formulation of 21 essential vitamins and minerals.

Stage 2 – The Second Trimester. Uniquely formulated to meet the specific needs of your second trimester

Your nutritional needs change with each trimester. As you leave your first trimester and begin your second, the nutrients that will bring you and your baby optimal health will change. The National Institute of Medicine recommends an increase in iron during your second trimester. Iron helps to curb anemia that is common in second trimester pregnancies.Promise Stages, the only prenatal vitamin specifically formulated for optimal nutrition in each stage of your pregnancy, meets this recommendation for increased iron during your second trimester. In addition, Promise Stages – Stage Two contains increased amounts of Vitamin C, Calcium and Magnesium to help support your baby’s bone, collagen, and connective tissue development. This development is crucial during your second trimester.
Jenni B.
Mother of two
Arlington, TX
“Thank you Promise Prenatal for letting me know I am doing all I can to get the nutrients I need during this important time. After trying other prenatal vitamins that made me sick, I had all but given up on even taking one. Promise Prenatal was different because it was small and did not make me sick after I had taken it. I finally found a prenatal vitamin that is easy on me while giving my baby the nutrition she needs each step of the way.”

Specific Benefits of Stage Two

No Large Pills or Multiple Doses

Take only one small capsule each day

Increased Calcium

Calcium supports the rapid development of fetal bone structure and may help prevent the risk of pregnancy-induced hypertension

Vitamin A As 100% Beta Carotene

Beta Carotene is the only form of Vitamin A that has been proven safe during pregnancy

Raises Iron Levels To Recommended Dose

The Institute Of Medicine recommends taking 30 mg of iron starting in your 2nd trimester. This is especially important in your third trimester when your baby begins to store iron

Designed to be taken with Promise DHA Omega-3

Receiving sufficient levels of DHA has been proven beneficial for both you and your baby during pregnancy