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Promise Testimonials

  • The freshman-15 stretch marks on my bootie are daily proof that this growing belly is stretch mark prone. I have tried probably 8-10 different lotions and stretch mark creams, in hopes to find the perfect one to not only hydrate my belly but also in hopes to prevent new stretch marks. Then I came across Promise Belly Butter by Biotegrity, and I can say I’m in love! Unlike all the other ones I have tried it’s not oily/greasy/messy. It rubs in so easily, absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave a greasy mess on your hands. It also has a great very mild scent, and i can enjoy putting it on every day. Thanks Biotegrity – I’ve already tossed all my other creams!

    Melissa H. Mother of two- Austin, TX
  • I want to thank you for creating such wonderful products. We tried to get pregnant for 4 and a half years. We had tried everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, aside from IVF. I know that part of the reason we ended up successful was because of your vitamins. Our gorgeous, healthy baby boy is now 5.5 months old, and growing like a WEED! He’s so tall, wearing 18 month old clothes! People joke and ask what he’s eating. Breastmilk! Is it these wonderful vitamins that help create my “super” milk? I like to think so!

    Kerrie K. Mother of one- Buffalo, NY
  • Thank you Promise Prenatal for letting me know I am doing all I can to get the nutrients I need during this important time. After trying other prenatal vitamins that made me sick, I had all but given up on even taking one. Promise Prenatal was different because it was small and did not make me sick after I had taken it. I finally found a prenatal vitamin that is easy on me while giving my baby the nutrition she needs each step of the way.”

    Jenni B. Mother of two- Arlington, TX
  • After careful research , I chose Promise Prenatal Vitamins to use while my husband and I were trying to conceive. I loved how the varying vitamins and minerals met or exceeded the daily recommended allowance, including the ever important folic acid. The cost was also a huge factor in my decision. Promise Prenatal is less expensive than the co-pay for the vitamins my doctor prescribed and in my mind I was getting a better product for less money. I have recommended Promise Prenatal to all my friends and will continue to do so. Thank you, Promise Prenatal!”

    Vicki D., Mother of one- Morgan Hill, CA
  • As a medical doctor, I frequently see women who are planning a pregnancy. Before Promise Prenatal there were no prenatal vitamins formulated for each stage of pregnancy. After researching recommended daily intakes for women before and during pregnancy, I exclusively recommend Promise Prenatal to my patients.

    Stacey Hatcher M.D. Keller, TX
  • I was introduced to Promise Prenatal by a very good friend. What I loved was… they did not make me sick like the prenatal vitamins I took with my daughter and I really felt better after taking them. Because they are set up in stages, I’m not overloaded with vitamins and minerals that I don’t need and would otherwise make me sick. I will be taking Promise Prenatal Vitamins during this pregnancy and any in the future.

    Karen B. Salt Lake City, UT
  • As a mother of 3 expecting my fourth, I have taken many different brands of prenatal vitamins. Promise  Prenatal is the only one I have seen that tailors the nutritional content to the specific needs of my growing baby. Because the vitamins are designed for each unique stage of my pregnancy, I know that I am giving my baby exactly what she needs, when she needs it. Such a simple and logical approach to prenatal nutrition means I am doing the most I can for my baby. And that is what is important to me.

    Michelle R. Mother of four, Flower Mound, TX
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