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Summer heat

Surviving the summer is hard enough.  But add a baby bump into the mix, and you might start feeling like you are an actual oven baking your bun!  Here are a few ways you can survive the summertime and make the most of your pregnancy.

Stay Hydrated

It’s hard enough during your pregnancy to make sure you are getting enough water; let alone replacing what you’ve lost due to dehydration.  You should try to drink 8, 8 ounce glasses of water daily; but if you’re out in the heat, you may need more.  Doctor’s suggest for every hour you are in the heat, drink an additional 8 ounces to help replenish your system.

Sick of water?  Try juices that are low in sugar, iced decaf coffee, or even homemade popsicles.  If you’re using Promise Prenatal Vitamins, you can open the capsule and add the contents to a smoothie!

Kick up Your Heels

As your pregnancy continues, you may experience swelling in your legs and feet.  The summer heat only compounds this issue.  Try to prop your legs up whenever, and however, you can!  Not enough?  Try dipping your legs into cool water, or place ice packs on them if the pain persists.  Doctor’s also suggest reducing the amount of sodium in your diet will help ease swelling.  Still swollen?  Have hubby grab some lotion (peppermint feels great) and get to work massaging those legs.

Find a Watering Hole

Show off that cute baby bump and find a pool to dip in.  Whether it’s a kiddy pool, or an Olympic sized pool, swimming helps reduce your body temperature when it’s hot outside.  Not only does it cool you down, but the weightlessness you’ll feel will help relieve any aches or pains.

Cabin Fever?

Sick of staying cooped up in your house all day?
Go check out you local art gallery.  Wander around the mall.  Watch the newest released movie.  Being pregnant doesn’t mean you have to stay home!  Explore your city, and see what indoors attractions you can find.

Lightweight clothing

Find cute styles in breathable, light colored clothing.  Cotton and linen help keep your body cool, all while preventing sweat, which can gather in uncomfortable areas and cause rashes.

Product Ambassador, Kate Rist

At Promise Prenatal, we are always looking for new ways to connect with our moms and moms-to-be.  With over 85% of the Promise Team being women, we know what our moms feel and understand  their  uncompromising passion for a healthy pregnancy and beyond.  We also recognize the value of community and through social outlets, we are able to provide a place for women to connect and share in the incredible wonder of motherhood.  We are beyond excited to introduce to you our newest Product Ambassador and Promise Mama, Kate Rist!  This first time mom-to-be will give us a peak into the bump life,  share products she loves, as well as inspire us with her DIY re-purposing and budget friendly decorating tips.

Here is a little about Kate!

Hello there, my name is Kate. I am super excited to be joining this amazing team, and to share my journey with all of you lovelies!  I am married to my husband A.J., for 4 years in September and I am pregnant with our first little miracle.  He/she is expected to arrive at the end of December.  We are so excited to be parents of this sweet little one, and to share life with him/her!  I am a first time mama, and I couldn’t be more thankful for this answered prayer. (Squeeeelll) I’m a little excited if you can’t tell!  I am so grateful to be able to share such a special time for us with all of you. I am looking forward to learning and growing into the mom God wants me to be. So, here is to the belly life, and the soon to be mom life!

Zika Viraus FAQ

Our number one priority here at Promise Prenatal is the health and safety of you and your precious little one.  With the growing attention on the Zika Virus and the concerns for expecting moms, we want to share some information and resources to help you stay safe.  Your doctor or midwife may have already started the conversation on ways to avoid the virus.  Here are some frequently asked questions about Zika Virus and ways to protect yourself.

What is Zika?

Zika disease is a virus spread to people primarily through the bite of an infected mosquito. The illness is usually mild with symptoms lasting for several days to a week after being bitten by an infected mosquito. People usually don’t get sick enough to go to the hospital, and they very rarely die of Zika. For this reason, many people might not realize they have been infected. Once a person has been infected, he or she is likely to be protected from future infections.

Why is Zika Dangerous for Pregnant Women?

As a mom-to-be, when you contract an illness, there is a possibility it may affect your growing fetus. Experts investigating Zika during pregnancy have learned that it can cause a rare birth defect called Microcephaly. Because of the dangers during pregnancy, the CDC (Centers for Decease Control) recommends pregnant women delay travel to areas with known cases of Zika . If you must travel to one of these areas, talk to your healthcare provider first and strictly follow steps to prevent mosquito bites during your trip.  Here is a list of precautionary steps for pregnant women who plan to travel.

Where are the Outbreaks?

Many countries and territories are reporting Zika transmission.  However, all reported cases are outside of the United States. Recently, Brazil has reported about 4,180 cases of Microcephaly and about 1.5 million Brazilians have been infected with the virus.  For the most current list areas with known cases, please visit

What are the Signs and Symptoms of Zika?

If you haven’t traveled to a Zika infected area, chances are you have not contracted the virus.  However, if you are concerned, there are a few key signs and symptoms to note. They include a fever, a rash, red eyes, muscle and joint pain, as well as headaches and pain around the eyes.  It’s important to know that only one in five people infected with the virus actually have symptoms.  If you believe you have been infected, visit your healthcare provider.

While many women have the urge to travel and enjoy a nice vacation before becoming a mom, you should think twice about leaving the country.   Be sure to speak with your healthcare provider before planning any babymoon or summer vacation to ensure you and your baby stay safe!  For a full list of facts and updated information on the Zika Virus please visit

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