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Organic Organic, Bio-available ingredients for the 3rd Trimester
DHA Vitamin C to help prevent pre-clampsia & high blood pressure
Magnesium & Vitamin D Magnesium and Vitamin D known to reduce leg cramps
Selenium Selenium to help prevent low birth weight
Raspberry Labor-prep Blend with red raspberry to prepare for labor

Why We Are Different

Science The Science

Promise Stage 3 is formulated to support your baby's final weeks in utero and contains added ingredients to help keep mom as comfortable as possible until the big day arrives. With 21 vitamins and minerals, Stage 3 gives your baby critical nutrients to help maintain brain, heart and immune development, all of which are at peak growth during the last three months of pregnancy. Additional magnesium helps mom sleep and eases leg cramps, while calcium relieves heartburn. Our Labor-prep Blend with red raspberry leaf, iron and vitamin K2 supports increased blood volume, strengthen and tones the uterine wall and prepares you for delivery or c-section.

Science The Standard

We focus on providing the most effective, clean, bio-available ingredients possible. All of our products are tested throughout the manufacturing process and again on finished products. You and your baby are our top priority and we set the bar high.

  • 100% Organic
  • No GMO's
  • No Dyes or Fillers
  • Added iron to help prevent anemia
  • No Gluten or Yeast
  • Kosher Product
  • Added red raspberry to prepare uterus for labor
  • One small capsule daily